New Music – ISLA ‘The Verve’




ISLA formed in early 2018 in Brighton, the home of so many exciting emerging artists, and now come through themselves with their new single ‘The Verve’. This latest release signals a re-brand for the guys and opens a new chapter for ISLA as they look to build into the 2019 with slew of new material. With some decent support tours under their belts as well as the success of their debut EP last year it really looks like the band have got themselves together in time to make a big push this summer.

The new single ‘The Verve’ is heavy dose of alt rock, energetic and vibrant from the outset. There is a nice dynamism about ‘The Verve’ where mellow verses allow for bigger, heavier choruses to explode into life. The drums offer a subtle yet crucial element to this track, that without many of the nuances put forward by the drums could feel flat. It seems the re-brand has put these guys in a very strong position to grow on an already successful story.

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