New Music – Sophia Bel ‘Don’t Forget’




Canadian artist Sophia Bel emerges with an interesting take on indie pop via the new single ‘Don’t Forget’. With the young artist’s musical tastes forged in the fire of early 00s skate punk and emo, Sophia Bel incorporates these alternative sounds with an exploration of electro pop and more commercial sounding productions. ‘Don’t Forget’ comes as the second release from Sophia’s upcoming EP ‘Princess of the Dead, Vol 1’ – The first body of work since 2017.

Opening in a dreamy atmosphere, ‘Don’t Forget’ offers a somewhat moody undertone as gentle vocals mull over soft guitars. The sound develops gloriously, adding moments of pop through a subtle yet thoroughly infectious hook in the chorus. The whole track is smooth and soft, it drifts around with an elegance that sits somewhere near the poppier side of the indie rock scene. Sophia’s vocals are gorgeous, the production floats effortlessly and makes this track a real beauty.


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