New Music – The Wild Rumble ‘Caught Living’




To Germany now, where four piece alt rock band The Wild Rumble show off their new track ‘Caught Living’. It has been two years since the guys put out their debut album so its about time they got back on the wagon and put out some new music. The Wild Rumble are now intent on crossing borders with their music having found domestic success in Germany – The rest of Europe and beyond… get ready.

‘Caught Living’ comes straight at you like a sledgehammer and immediately lays down its intent as a hard hitting rock track, packed full of attitude. The riffs are groovy and solid and leaves you bopping along, whilst the bridges pull in all the melodic prowess of any of the great alt rock muses. ‘Caught Living’ is well thought out, its arrangement keeps you on your toes and doesn’t let you relax or lose your attention, it moves from one idea to another with a dynamic energy and then… its over. Short as it may be, the new single from The Wild Rumble is a cracker, check it out.

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