New Music – Victoria’s Flight ‘Paradise’




More music from Glasgow, this time from long-term best friends Matt Robertson and Craig Harkness who make up Victoria’s Flight. Their latest single ‘Paradise’ is the first of a set of three singles from the duo that weave themselves together to tell a story of a summer of love and loss. The band have already been cutting through the noise on their local live scene and creating a real buzz for themselves back home but now with a steady stream of releases taking them through the year Victoria’s Flight are keen to show the rest of the country what they are made of.

‘Paradise’ is a high class, jangly indie pop track. The guitars are clean and crisp and set the stall for a highly upbeat, fun track that is driven by a head bobbingly catchy pulse. Being the first of the three singles, the lyrical content surrounds itself in the ideas of meeting someone special for the first time with hopefully romantic notions taking centre stage. ‘Paradise’ is full of energy, its uptempo groove allows the song to blitz through its three and a half minutes effortlessly, leaving you wanting more and more. Thankfully that is all to come.


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