New Music – Closet Organ ‘Smells Like Lynx Africa’




Glasgow’s Closet Organ formed over a shared love of fuzzed out rock music, and that is exactly what they bring to the table with their latest single ‘Smells Like Lynx Africa’. Having lost a close friend a year ago, the single explores themes of mental health issues, whilst the lyrics tackle the difficulties of dealing with our own mental health and attempting to gain approval and validation from our social media interactions. ‘Smells Like Lynx Africa’ comes ahead of the bands mini summer tour as they look to build a name for themselves nationwide.

Coming as part of a double A-Side release through Cow Tongue Taco Records,  the new single comes packed full of 90s grunge and rock influences. From its Placebo-esque vocal to early Nirvana styled wall of noise breakdowns, Closet Organ know exactly where this sound is coming from and they know exactly where they are taking it. The lyrics are a frank modern take on some of the issue that grip our society, focusing in on social media vanity and perceptions of perfection and success that can be so easily found on the internet.

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