Track Of The Day – Junodream ‘Odd Behaviour’




Having seemingly emerged from nowhere, London based Junodream have been kicking up a storm in the last six months. Having made our ‘Ones To Watch’ for this year, it looks like Junodream are making good on our prediction by releasing yet another massive single. With masses of support from Spotify and the press world, it looks as if Junodream have found a winning formula that should already see them catapulted to the top of many end of year lists. The band’s new EP is ready to go on April 12th and we think it’s going to be a defining moment for the four piece.

Inspired by the likes of Beck, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Pavement, Junodream pull in more 90s rock influences onto their latest track with hints of acts such as Pixies. Recorded in a old cottage in Andover using an old mattress as sound-proofing, ‘Odd Behaviour’ really abides by the DIY aesthetic that Junodream are made of. The choruses kick in with an almost lazy energy that hones in on that 90s sound even further but with absolute precision. There are only good things to come for this band, so if you haven’t already, get on board.

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