New Music – Children Of The State ‘I Shiver When I Burn’




Children Of The State are yet another fine export from Sheffield creating retro-glazed guitar music, following closely in the footstep of emerging bands such as Brighton’s Fur. With a bunch of headline shows around the UK already under their belt, including a show at London’s Old Blue Last, the five-piece move forward with their latest single ‘I Shiver When I Burn’, the first instalment of their upcoming EP.

‘I Shiver When I Burn’ is a nod to 60s and 70s rock, gorgeous, heartfelt melodies drift along on top of a nostalgic bed of music. Citing influences such as Phil Spector and John Lennon, the bands latest single is a wash with sublime retrospective nuances and sways gentle with soft rhythms that culminate into a huge guitar solo. ‘I Shiver When I Burn’ is a beautiful look backwards that pulls the sounds of decades past into the the 21st century with precision and the band’s own beautiful twist.

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