New Music – Kelsey Waters ‘You Got This’




Since the tender age of 14 Kelsey Waters has been plying her trade as a songwriter, and the years of experience are shining through already. Heavily influenced by notable female rock muses from the 90s such as Sheryl Crow, Joan Osborne and Fiona Apple, Kelsey Waters brings her own modern take with the latest single ‘You Got This’.  With a decade of experience on the studio and on the stage, it feels like now is the time for Kelsey to carve her own path on her own terms and this latest single goes a long way towards that.

With gritty, raw guitars leading the way Waters’ gorgeous vocal has the foundations to wash over this track in stunning fashion, effortlessly bringing home the lyrical content of ‘You Got This’. As the song builds it finds itself dipping into some poppier sounds, but at its heart there remains all of the rock influences the young artist has taken on board. Its three minutes flow past in a heartbeat with a simple energy pumping through the veins of the track completing a totally entrancing piece of music.

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