Track Of The Day – KOTA ‘Heaving’




Coming through as our Track Of The Day today is a ripper of a new release from Aussie rockers KOTA. ‘Heaving’ is the first taste of the bands debut EP ‘Parking In Dark Spaces’ that was release just a couple of weeks ago. Stating influences such as Soundgarden and The Smashing Pumpkins, it is no wonder that the music these guys are putting out is loud, in your face rock music. Give the new single a spin above.

‘Heaving’ just flies at you – It is raucous, powerful, gritty and still maintains that melodic edge that all the great bands that have come before, and now influenced KOTA all made a staple of their sound. With dry, chugging guitars reminiscent of QOTSA’s ‘Millionaire’, the new track from KOTA really signals a nod to the early 00s grunge era, one that had developed from the raw noise of bands like Mudhoney and Nirvana with a cleaner edge. This one is certainly for you if you like to feed off of electric, fist-clenched energy.

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