Track Of The Day – Sego ‘Heart Attack’




L.A. based Sego already have a couple of albums under their belt and now they emerge with their latest single ‘Heart Attack’. Fond of letting their instruments doing the talking, Sego rely on their musical mastery rather than computers doing all the work. This is totally justified in the results with their latest single being a raw, powerful and honest nod back to a simpler time in rock music where band didn’t record single after single on their laptops… in their bedrooms.

‘Heart Attack’ has that unfiltered grit about it, it’s just fucking real. With huge choruses that explode with a kind of punchy swagger and a lo-fi, honest vocal, the new single really does give off that high-class DIY feeling. It is energetic and has some super fun moments that would surely see crowds going mad at their live shows. The song is over produced and the instruments are given the space they deserve to grow and build with each other. Are they coming to the UK? We hope so.

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