New Music – Wild Love ‘Too Much’




Wild Love are a four-piece rock band with a diverse heritage and background. Originally meeting in Virginia, the band now reside in Nashville after returning home from a string of UK dates supporting the likes of The Mowgli’s, We The Kings, Great Good Fine Ok and Deerhoof. One part Irish, one part Turkish, one part German and one part American, the quartet also bring to the table a wide range of influences from their respective home towns, something that seeps into the very core of their music.

The new single ‘Too Much’ really plays on having a strong dynamic edge, the verse are a far cry from the loud, sing a long choruses, but they also bring in the more melodic and emotive features of the track. There are hints of pop-punk, hints of 00s NY alt rock and hints of staple British indie bands that shine through, all rounded off with a super clean, American sounding production. The new release is a testament to guys songwriting ability, not sitting back and writing to the same formula every other band writes to, they have stood up and made this sound completely their own.


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