New Music – Inspired & The Sleep ‘Liaison’




Songwriter/producer Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault come together to form Inspired & The Sleep – Which one is which, I don’t know. What I do know is that the duo come through with their latest mellowed out single ‘Liaison’. Having already received critical acclaim from the likes of Spin and Noisey, ‘Liaison’ quickly caught further tastemaker attention from Earmilk, and whilst the pair are making themselves well established in their native California their music is now beginning to transcend the perimeters of the U.S and is now creeping into the consciousness of a new, European audience.

‘Liaison’ is a superbly dreamy affair with gorgeous, mellow vocals drifting around on top of a thoughtful, smooth production. The melodies are infectious and instrumentation has a certain bounce to it that infused the whole track with a subtle, yet undeniably energy. There are hints of pop influence on ‘Liaison’, but as you dig deeper into the sound it becomes apparent that the duo bring elements of a broad and varied musical taste, from the 60s right through to the present day. This is a crisp and dreamy little beauty of a single that will surely turn more and more heads as the band take a firm grasp of 2019.

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