New Music – Marble Arch ‘Gold’

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 16.47.36



Marble Arch is the brain child of Yann Le Razavet, who made his introduction to the scene in September 2014 with his first record ‘The Bloom of Division’. Everything since then has been gear towards the release of the latest album ‘Children Of The Slump’ from which the latest single ‘Gold’ comes from. Known for sensitive, melancholic pop Marble Arch continues to impress with this second full length offering.

‘Gold’ opens with fast, rhythmic drums that hold a certain energy, not moody, nor particularly upbeat but an energy no less. Perhaps it is this mysterious feeling around the emotion of the track that makes it so intriguing. The verses are calmer, softer, more melancholic, whilst the choruses build to something altogether more dreamy and all these moods are underlined with a gorgeous vocal performance. Again the lo-fi production really adds to the tone of ‘Gold’, bringing that nostalgic element to a track that flicks through a host of emotions and feelings.



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