Yack!’s Hot Picks – The Only Tracks You Need On Your Stereo This Week

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 10.29.32


A little late this week aren’t we, I’m sure you have all been waiting patiently for our Hot Picks and it will be well worth the wait with Tugboat Captain heading up this week’s list. The DIY pop group have been making waves recently and long may it continue. 

Nothing much has really happened this week has it? Just another week that has gone by uneventfully – or at least without events that anyone actually cares about – So why don’t you keen your brain active and discover some fresh new hits from Gaffa Tape Sandy, Swimming Tapes, Retro Video Club and Junaco. Godspeed. 


Tugboat Captain ‘Be Strong, Smoke Less’

Gaffa Tape Sandy ‘Headlights’

Swimming Tapes ‘Passing Ships’

Retro Video Club ‘Addicted’

Junaco ‘Willow’

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