New Music – Swim Good ‘Heard Enough’

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London/Surrey alt-rock quartet Swim Good recently shared new single ‘Heard Enough’ – A celebration of the five year anniversary of their first record deal. Produced by Chris Coulter (Jamie Lenman, Arcane Roots, Sun Arcana) ‘Heard Enough’ documents a deeply difficult time for lead singer Ryan and his struggles with his mental health – “This song was written during a particularly chaotic part of my life and served to bring myself back to the ground after I’d lost my way. The lyrics describe my brain trying to reason with my destructive actions. I’d wage a war in my own head for days, torn between doing what I knew was best for me and going against that better judgement masked as having a ‘good time’.”

Musically the new single is as hard hitting as its lyrical content, with huge energy and gritty guitars. Looking more at the bridges, the track has a certain math-rock feeling or at least a heavy influence from a technical perspective. ‘Heard Enough’ really walks a tightrope between alt rock and pop punk, it’s fast and electrifying whilst having that West Coast bounce that you might find on a New Found Glory or early Fall Out Boy track. With a heap of support already flooding in for these guys you’d be mad to overlook this.

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