New Music – armywives ‘Twenty-Four Karat’

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 20.43.11



Veteran Brooklyn based screamo band armywives give us their freshest new single ‘Twenty-Four Karat’, some real classic hardcore. This release seems to be their first since 2013 after a host of singles and a demo EP seemingly placed them on the map. Beyond this there isn’t a huge amount of information on the band, so why not just let the music do the talking (or keeping and let us tell you about it).

‘Twenty-Four Karat’ is simply your straight up screamo/hardcore song, everything you ever loved back in the mid noughties all wrapped into one. It has a technical side akin to the sounds of early Architects whilst the full blooded energy of Bring Me The Horizon and at times has hints of Glassjaw about it. The track has that melodic heaviness to it that this genre really demands and its dynamism ticks all the boxes. Just keep doing more of the same, we miss this.

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