Yack!’s Hot Picks – The Only Tracks You Need On Your Stereo This Week

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 17.25.36


Alright, another week another hot selections of songs to get down your earholes. Top of the bill are emerging quartet Suns Up and their new single ‘Just Because’. What’s been happening this week? Politics have been shit, Football has been predictable and therefore a little bit shit, Weather has been shit – You can see what we are getting at – So get a bit of light in your life with Suns Up and these other wicked tracks. 

There are release below from Ban Summers, Pocket Sun, the hilarious Indoor Pets, Easy and Cagework. Sit yourself down for 20 minutes, soak this up and relax, we’ve got you. 


Suns Up ‘Just Because’

Ban Summers ‘No Better’

Pocket Sun ‘Plastic’

Indoor Pets ‘The Mapping Of Dandruff’

Easy ‘I Want To Marry You’

Cagework ‘Wilson’


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