New Music – MCRAE ‘Postapocalipstick’

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 17.04.43



It’s not everyday you see a band from Burnley doing the rounds, but that’s precisely what we have here in the form of four piece indie band MCRAE. Having spent the last twelve months plugging away on the fertile live circuit in the North West the band finally come through with their latest single ‘Postapocalipstick’. Intertwining influences from indie, alt and punk rock MCRAE have developed a beautifully balanced mix of energy and melody that has already proved to be hit with their audiences.

The new single soars with huge atmospheric guitars that give the choruses a huge rise in energy and passion. All the while a gritty, raw vocal brings these huge sounds down to earth a little with honest lyricism. The two elements together allow for a special kind of sound that walks the tightrope of punk and anthemic, stadium sized rock music. It’s hella catchy and has toe tapping grooves in bags – A real statement from a band that should see themselves on the up very, very soon.

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