New Music – Zetra ‘Satellite’

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 13.37.26



There is very little information to be found on this emerging band so we’ll get straight to it. What we do know is that Zetra are a London based project and ‘Satellite’ is the first single that has been wrapped in with two further releases on their ‘Demo One’ EP (?) – Available on cassette and for download at their Bandcamp page.

This air of mystery around the group adds to ‘Satellite’s gloomy and dark tones. Gritty, fuzzed-out guitars set a platform for dissonant synths to bring a melancholic atmosphere.  The vocals are hazy, distant and add further inflections of the unknown onto Zetra’s debut. With each passing release we hope to find out a little bit more about these guys, but for now ‘Satellite’ gives us a clear picture of a angsty, dark and brooding new act that will surely intrigue many people with their enigmatic status.

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