New Music – Eyes Wide Open ‘Solitude’

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 13.57.14



Eyes Wide Open are the Swedish metalcore band that have been making waves for sometime, new single ‘Solitude’ comes from their third album expected to be released this spring and offers a melodic edge to their dark, heavy output. Having tour extensively through Europe as well as playing a number of festivals in their native Sweden, Eyes Wide Open look to capitalise on the heat building  around them.

Opening with moody synths, ‘Solitude’ quickly bursts into life with melodic guitars akin to early Trivium. As you would expect with a metalcore outfit there is a huge vocal that makes the track feel very reminiscent of Howard Jones ear Killswitch Engage. The riffs are tight and technically masterful and a juxtaposition of screamed and sung vocals in the choruses just lets ‘Solitude’ stand out as a track that would hold it’s own against any of the mid-noughties juggernauts in the metalcore scene.

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