New Music – Kidhimself ‘Sorry’

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 20.27.26



It has taken a while for Kidhimself to release music having started writing at a young age. Having mostly kept his music to himself since the age of nine, the Maine based artist comes through with the debut release ‘Sorry’, the first of many. Taking in a wide range of influences and imparting these on his music, Kidhimself looks towards artists as diverse as Radiohead, Labrinth, No Doubt and Kid Kudi – All of which make themselves known within the music.

‘Sorry’ is a dark, often melancholic track, with honest, reflective lyricism that Kidhimself describes as being “a story of overindulgence, poor decisions and having to cope with the fallout of trying to be someone you’re not.” Gentle synths glow and drift over the song whilst the vocal, with clear hip hop influence, comes through with a infectious hook. The beauty of ‘Sorry’ is in its simplicity, nothing is over stated or takes the attention away from the song a whole piece of work, clearly well thought-out and expertly crafted.

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