New Music – Fuzzysurf ‘Denny’

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 17.01.21



Fuzzysurf are the Wisconsin based four-piece whose name really sums them up quite perfectly. With their new album ‘Fuzzy and the Surfs’ scheduled for release in May, the band come through with their latest offering ‘Denny’. Fuzzysurf have received a lot of local attention back home but with the news of more material and this new single the quartet around broadening their horizons to spark an interest across the world.

‘Denny’ is pure surf goodness, soaked in nostalgic tones of the 60s and roll it up with a modern take on the genre. Coming accompanied with a super fun video, the band offer a small glimpse into their personality and charm that leaks into their musical output. The choruses are straight from an early American high school movie, like a much cooler Grease, full of catchy melodies that just stick with you. It has that old American feel all over it and I for one am glad that Fuzzysurf have taken this sound and placed it into a contemporary setting with such ease.

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