Premiere – V Torres ‘Top Of The Road’

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We are super excited to present the premiere for Southern Californian indie-rock singer-songwriter V Torres’ new single ‘Top Of The Road’. After fronting the alt-rock band Gorgeous Got a Gun for nearly a decade, Torres has returned to her name to release new music on her own terms. V Torres has since released her EP ‘Real Life Love’ late in 2017 and followed up with a number of singles last year. Also the creator of the female indie artist showcase Girl Crush, V Torres’ new single will be released across all platforms on International Women’s Day – March 8th.

‘Top Of The Road’ is sultry folk inspired track that bursts into life with punky angst – The type of song that draws you in to a false sense of security before making you want to jump around wildly. There is a softness to the vocals that bring in a mellow charm to the verse, however V Torres has left none of her alt-rock background behind coming through with full force and explosive guitars setting the mood. Using beautiful dynamics throughout the track, Torres keeps you hooked throughout and her infectious hooks inject a passionate energy. There is certainly more that meets the eye with V Torres, who will be staking a claim as an artist to watch this year in a big big way.

Speaking on the track the artist states; “‘Top of the Road’ is all about perspective. That point in time when you start to lift your head up from a situation and can see objectively for the first time. It calls for allowing yourself to feel all the feelings without having to understand everything. It is showing you that you are evolving to a place of non-reactivity. I wanted to create an anthem with a chorus that people can really feel, dance and scream to when they are listening.” 

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