New Music – Hydromag ‘When I Try’

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 19.53.44



Hydromag is the new project from multi-instrumentalist Josh Best-Shaw, a coming together of the wide range of influences the young artist draws from to create lo-fi bedroom pop. The latest single is the second offering of the upcoming new EP ‘This Is Fleeting’, a release that comes highly anticipated after the success of Josh’s debut EP ‘Sweet Obsession’ that has already earned Hydromag over 300k streams.

‘When I Try’ is nothing but dreamy pop goodness with hints of 80s shoegaze and sad boy influences seeping in. The vocals are warm, mellow and invite a level of familiarity, even if you have never listened to Hydromag’s music before. Instantly catchy and full of gorgeous hooks, ‘When I Try’ is really set off with the simply use of a female vocal to harmonise and almost duet with, spilling beautiful lyricism back and forth. Some sublime tones coming from an artist that is building more heat with each passing release.

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