New Music -New Me ‘Three Channels Apart’

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 14.13.00



Describing themselves as a ‘dumb pop band’, the California based New Me come through with their latest single ‘Three Channels Apart’. Rather ambitiously the band will be releasing a track a month for the foreseeable future, taking them right up to next year’s album ‘The Best Thing The Old Can Do For The Young Is Die’. New Me only arrived on the scene in the middle of last year and are already pushing their way to the forefront of a blossoming indie pop scene in California.

There is a hint of immediate nostalgia on ‘Three Channels Apart’, with 70’s sounding synths, a feeling that later seeps into the vocals. A smooth jam, ‘Three Channels Apart’ drifts around with gorgeous soundscapes forming a truly dreamy and atmospheric release. Funky basslines and groove-filled synths are the order of the day with this one, and with a track a month to look forward to expect bigger and bigger things from New Me.

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