New Music – Foreign Diplomats ‘Charger’

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 17.13.57



Canadian five piece Foreign Diplomats emerge with the latest offering from their upcoming second album. Coming together as a group of high school friends in the Laurentians area of Quebec, the band have since developed beyond just a group of mates making music into a finely tuned collective of artists. With their debut album already placing these guys firmly on the map, their second album is sure to steer them towards a bigger stage.

With a glitchy synth-led opening, ‘Charger’ quickly turns to dreamier terrain with a tender, gorgeous vocal coming front and centre. The lyrical content is crisp and thoughtful and falls beautifully into the open arms of the luscious soundscapes made through subtle synthesisers and warm basslines. There is an infectious quality about the whole song that begs for you to join in as it drifts and sways through its three minutes and twenty two seconds.

Speaking on the track the band state “Charger is the result of two dreams. I dreamt two melodies and decided to put them in a song. It’s about loving and wanting to stay close to things that inspire me and make me happy. First, my home, the Laurentians: its snow, its comfortable silence. And a girl: wanting to stay close to her, with everything she is. But inside all the love, there is also the pressure of wanting to be enough for both of them.” 

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