New Music – Lantern By Sea ‘Secondhand Church’

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Here is a new little number from Utah based Lantern By Sea, just the third release from a band that formed just a year ago. Having quickly made a name for themselves on the local circuit, it feels right that there is a bigger push coming from the quartet to expand their fan based. ‘Secondhand Church’ is certainly a good reason to sit down and check these guys out.

With a vocal akin to that of Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull, you can immediately see where these guys take their influences. From the tone of the voice, to the melodies that soar above a very atmospheric MO style instrumental, to the lyrical content that feels like it could be penned by Hull himself. Sure, it does feel maybe a touch too close to recent songs from Manchester Orchestra, but there are subtleties in the track that allow Lantern By Sea to take a hold of this genre and make it their own.

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