New Music – Sthlm Transit Club ‘Pretend’

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 20.59.02



Swedish based collective Sthlm Transit Club released their second single ‘Pretend’ on Friday, and despite the relatively early stage they are at their music shows no signs of naivety. The collective come together (no shit) to infuse a range of styles and influences into a modern form of indie pop that has us hooked from the first listen.

Although it probably hasn’t had a huge amount of influence on this track, ‘Pretend’ does have the feeling of the new Bring Me The Horizon about it in its pop sensibilities and mellow bridges that lead into infectious choruses. Beyond its pop vibes, ‘Pretend’ has that classic upbeat indie sound to it with its crisp guitars jangly their way along to snappy, enchanting basslines. If this is single two we can’t wait for number three.

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