New Music – Scuttlers ‘Lies In The Sky’

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 17.29.53



Manchester’s Scuttlers come through with a massive new single ‘Lies In The Sky’, having only formed in 2017 the young band have come a long way since to arrive here. Tenderly aged between 19 and 21 the trio have already headlined shows at Jimmy’s in their hometown, as well as releasing their debut EP ‘We Are Scuttlers’. Inspired by the likes of 70s punk mainstays The Clash and The Buzzcocks, the young band take their influences from yesteryear very seriously indeed.

From the off ‘Lies In The Sky’ tears into massive riffs that are absolutely typical of the band’s aforementioned influences. Scuttlers come through with a big energy on this track, but it’s not only this punk vigour that drives the track, it’s the band’s ability to mould this in with infectiously catchy melodies in the choruses. Of course there is still a snarl and heaps of angst in the track but it does transcend the boundaries of rowdy punk in a very modern way.

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