New Music – The Moon Runners ‘danceboy.exe’

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 09.56.53



“Welcome to our digital pizza party” explain Canadian four-piece The Moon Runners – This is a party I want a slice of (see what I did there). Their latest track ‘danceboy.exe’ emerges as the first single from the bands upcoming concept album and gives a taste of some the super interesting creations these guys are putting out. Complete with a glitchy music video, be sure to keep your eyes on these guys.

‘danceboy.exe’ opens with a dark synth, that has a brooding sense of something big to come, however a tasteful display of gritty, overdriven guitars cut which are certainly reminiscent of the kind sounds Manchester Orchestra have been known to make. However without going down the same path as many bands The Moon Runners put their expert compositional knowledge into the fore with intensely dynamic guitar lines and erratic rhythms, bringing an almost math rock quality into the track. ‘danceboy.exe’ isn’t you normal rock song, it carves its own path and really leaves you wanting to hear more from the upcoming album.

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