New Music – The Drives ‘Keep Warm’

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 16.00.51



Having only entered the frame in early 2017, L.A. based band The Drives have quickly got up to speed in the indie scene through a host of releases throughout last year. Melting elements of electro-pop and indie rock together the duo are creating some luscious, deep sounds that come together on their first EP ‘Am I Alright?’

The musical elements of ‘Keep Warm’ really lend themselves to the title of the track – everything is shrouded with a cozy glow, the synths create a soft, hazy bed for the gently crafted guitars to step in and do their thing. Its a true-to-life love song that pulls you in like a mellow, friendly hug with its relatable lyrics and rich melodies.

Speaking on the track the band state; “‘Keep Warm’ addresses the point when you admit to yourself you’re in love with someone and want to be around them constantly. Even if there’s nothing to do, the idea of being bored with that person is impossible to even imagine. It can be a scary moment, but also liberating, to put yourself out there and potentially be destroyed if they don’t feel the same way, but this is the point where you really have no choice anymore, so I guess fuck it.”


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