New Music – Divest ‘Throw Me Off’

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 19.57.46



Ok, off to Norway now with some new music from Olso based quartet Divest, who before having ever released a song had their music picked up by Norwegian radio – Surely a good sign right? Years of hard work behind the scenes and in the studio led to that, and now this moment of being features on the highly regarded internet pages of Yack! Magazine with the new single ‘Throw Me Off’.

Channeling the greats of the New York rock scene, the four-piece are creating music that has a playful edge to compliment their grittier indie side. With hints of the 60s laced through ‘Throw Me Off’ comparisons could be drawn with Yack! favourites Fur, if only for the charming vocal performance. There is energy in bundles on this track and has that stadium-filler rock sound oozing from every beat.


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