New Music – Connie Danger ‘Finally’

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 18.08.33



Connie Danger is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from New England emerging with their debut single ‘Finally’. It will be the first single from Connie Danger’s upcoming EP ‘The Ravages of Puberty (Part One)’. Writing dreamy pop music, it is Connie Danger’s sole aim to satisfy you with luxurious soundscapes.

Draped in gorgeous synths and complete with super stylish visuals, ‘Finally’ comes through as the first slice of Connie Danger to grace the earth. Visually and artistically speaking it seems that Connie Danger has their finger completely on the pulse and have fine tuned a mix of seductive 80s looks with a lo-fi chic. The track is a dreamy one that glides along a bed of vintage synths and deep sonic atmospheres, all encapsulated with a sultry energy that give the track a unique flavour.

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