New Music – Dara ‘Why Do I Only Think Of You’

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 17.22.07



Nashville based indie pop artist Dara recently released her third single ‘Why Do I Only Think Of You’. Following from the success of her second single, which earned the artist a cool 350k streams, Dara returns with an upbeat slice of fun indie infused pop.

‘Why Do I Only Think Of You’ is super playful, the choruses bounce around with an carefree energy which will have you bopping along in no time. Dara’s superb voice soars over clean, jangling guitars and has a real edge that truly sets her apart from the next indie popstar in the making. There is a genuine charisma and lovability about Dara and this single, the hooks are subtle but incredibly infectious and there is just a gorgeously pure feeling that flows through.

About the single, Dara explains “‘Why Do I Only Think Of You’ is about a person or event that you can’t shake from you mind; That someone or something that is too good to forget. A wonderful rendezvous that haunts you because you know you’ll never have that specific experience again and you wonder if it haunts them as well.”

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