Yack!’s Hot Picks – The Only Tracks You Need On Your Stereo This Week


Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 22.02.17


This week we are blessed with new releases from one of our Artists Of The Year, Bridges, as well as from an old friend of Yack!’s Daniel Ruiz whose former project Weinf graced this site many times in years past.

With Brexit still rumbling on in the background like a never ending pain in the ass and people finding tigers in their pot-smoking den, never has their been a better time to switch off from all the weird shit in the world and hunker down with some new musical beauties.

More releases this week come from rising Leeds band Talkboy, Younger Hunger, Talkshop, LOUDMAMMOUTH, Sun Silva and Lazy Day – Check them all out below, they are the only tracks you need to hear.


Bridges ‘Amor’


Daniel Ruiz ‘Remember When’



Talkboy ‘Somebody Else For You’



Younger Hunger ‘Summer Bummer’





Talkshop ‘We Are Still Whole’




Sun Silva ‘Sun Skin Air’


Lazy Day ‘Double J’


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