Track Of The Day – Toreador ‘Ashes’

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 17.40.27



Here is a tasty little offering from Southampton based three-piece Toreador, their latest single ‘Ashes’. There is a lot to be said for these guys, they’ve supported the likes of Demob Happy and Yonaka among others and developed a strong cult following with their groove-drenched brand of alt rock. With a sound similar to QOTSA or Led Zeppelin, Toreador hold the key to success in their own hands and if they continue to produce thunderous, yet melodic tracks like ‘Ashes’ they will surely be finding themselves on the radars of many more fans and critics a like.

Fuzzed-out guitars set the stall for the driving force of a rhythm section to breathe an intense energy into the track. As every riff and melody develops it feels as though is drench in power and potency leaving the bands natural flair for writing hooky, dark pieces of rumbling rock music here for all to see. Keep your eyes on Toreador in 2019, they are clearly ready to blow.

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