New Music – Video Compact ‘Average At Best’

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 16.17.46



Copenhagen’s Video Compact offer up their second release ‘Average At Best’ another melancholic display of the moody indie-electro pop that the band are quickly becoming known for. Formed in 2016 Video Compact have changed their output on occasions trying to find that perfect formula, and it now looks like they have hit the nail on the head.

Opening with a dreamy soundscape, Video Compact add a little energy with upbeat drums and glorious and deep 80s synths. A tender vocal chimes in on this with a mellow tone, almost intentionally lazy at times adding to the moody feeling on ‘Average At Best’. The chorus turns this upside down, with a fuller bouncing sound and a vocal that has a slightly more joyful tone. This is single is softly dynamic and sways through a number of interesting moments that turn the melancholy into a vivd, gently excitement.



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