New Music – Adam Melchor ‘Three Hours Ahead’

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New Jersey’s Adam Melchor has slowly been building a name for himself and his ability to pen songs that have masterfully crafted stories at their hearts. His latest single ‘Three Hours Ahead’ is a shining example of Melchor’s exceptional songwriting and story-telling, centred around an enduring friendship that stood up to the test of time and geographical distance.

‘Three Hours Ahead’ has a particularly 60s air about it, now I would never compare anyone to the Beatles but I guess it kinda sounds a little like the Beatles. In truth it’s probably more melodic, and more potent in terms of it’s lyrical content than the aforementioned band, but there is also a very subtle American feeling that sits within ‘Three Hours Ahead’. The harmonies are glorious and the instrumental sways and moves with every note giving a retro-tinged edge to the track. It’s magnificent and charming and we can’t wait to hear more.

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