Track Of The Day – Wy ‘Pavements’

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 17.03.49



Wy is comprised of longtime lovers Ebba and Michel who decided to start the duo in 2015 after several years of playing in bands together. Coming together to make guitar-fuelled indie-pop, the pair found their debut EP ‘Never Was’ picking up high praise back in 2016 and their first full length body of work turning the heads of a range of critics. However their new single ‘Pavements’ surely is picking up the highest of all the praise being featured as our Track Of The Day’

Waves of woozy synths layer on top of high-tempo, rushing drums that drench the track with frantic energy. Ebba’s beautiful vocal calms the proceeding down a little but still add an attitude filled edge to a frenetic track that blasts by before you have a chance to catch up. There is a heavy punk feeling on ‘Pavements’, with its frank, honest lyrics and its infectious energy, there’s no wonder that we picked this out as our track of the day really.



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