New Music – The Oneflower Tribe ‘Distorted Footnotes’

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 08.12.01



Here is the latest release from Finnish band The Oneflower Tribe, ‘Distorted Footnotes’ is the fifth release from their recent album ‘Instantly Outmoded’. The group use a range of instruments that take their music away from a traditional set-up and into a world-music kind of style.

‘Distorted Footnotes’ is a delicate array of quirky instrumentation, that runs with a deep-laying blues influence. It sways and moves gently from verse to chorus with a soft vocal that brings home the relaxed evening vibes. It feels a little Tom Waits-esque in as much that there is elegant moodiness that you might find in a dark, smoky jazz club. It’s really easy on the ear, playful at times, and sets the band apart from any particular genre.


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