New Music – HAVVK ‘Birds On A Wire’

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HAVVK announce themselves to 2019 with the release of their new single ‘Birds On A Wire’ that was released last week via Veta Records. With already coming support from the likes of Noisey, and DIY Magazine, HAVVK’s ‘Birds On A Wire’ combines a level of grungy attitude with melodic intent. The band stay true to their cause covering a range of topics including inequality, gender-preconceptions, and generalisations faced by different social groups.

‘Birds On A Wire’ has a sound akin to Hole at their most melodic or No Doubt at their loudest. Starting with a moody, brooding verse, the track soon bursts into life hitting a brick wall of noise in the chorus that builds throughout the track to it’s crescendo.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Julie Hawk explains “I don’t often write about relationships, but I went down a bit of a rabbit hole one day, thinking of my younger self and imagining how much I was willing to compromise rather than disrupt. I think it’s a kind of fear and selfishness that many of us have been guilty of and it’s a dangerous cycle to get in to. It’s about fixing yourself into a routine and familiarity until one day you wake up and the situation is hurtful and resentful and it feels like world is spinning on without you.”



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