New Music – Ages And Ages ‘Just My Luck’

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 21.37.29



Portland based Ages and Ages release their new track ‘Just My Luck’ – The duo’s latest single following a string of releases through 2018. Talking about the track Tim Perry explains “‘Just My Luck’ is some down home stream-of-consciousness writing that, upon revisiting, seems to address my tendency to sometimes make easy things difficult.”

That may just be the case as ‘Just My Luck’ opens with an wonderfully 60s influenced verse with bopping pianos and spacey vocals – Now it would have been easy to have carried this feeling throughout the track, and sure it would have made for an okay song. As Perry explained, they made things difficult for themselves and worked in glitchy synths and subtle electronic nuances, half way through the track seems to have completely re-invented itself. Bravo. It’s these inflections of genius songwriting that set artists apart and thats exactly what Ages and Ages have done here, and absolutely nailed it.

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