New Music – The Dumes ‘More Than Physical’

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 21.06.42



It’s a day of debuts and here is one from L.A indie band The Dumes. Their first single ‘More Than Physical’ comes ahead of a performance at Sundance Festival, opening for Judah and the Lion. It’s clear that the band have spent some time in the studio honing their craft and their sound as they emerge strides ahead of a band of this age.

‘More Than Physical’ is a calm and delicate first offering, even with the grittier, distorted guitars coming through in the choruses there is still a air of tranquility about the track. Vocalist Elodie Tomlinson’s beautiful voice moves through the gears as the track develops, melodic and defined from the outset, the vocal slowly builds into something a little more energetic and passionate by the song’s conclusion.

Speaking on the track Elodie explains the “feeling you get when a friend starts feeling like more than a friend. That’s what ‘More Than Physical’ is about. Something you want to run away from but can’t.”

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