New Music – Forever X2 ‘Walk The Ocean’

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New single coming through from L.A. based artist Forever X2 – ‘Walk The Ocean’. Real name Peter Verdell, Forever X2 creates a blend of pulsing electronic overtones with a deeply indie infused undercurrent and cites acts as Blur and Beck as influences on this latest release.

There is an intrinsic feeling of nostalgia about ‘Walk The Ocean’ however there are hints of Foals or maybe even Bombay Bicycle Club that bring it back around to a more contemporary landscape. This mostly comes through a catchy set of vocal hooks in the choruses and subtle guitar lines in the verses. ‘Walk The Ocean’ has that feeling that reminds us that, no matter how grim this time of the year is, summer is just around the corner and there is a whole lot of fun to be had.

Speaking on the track vocalist Peter Verdell says, “This is a song about staying out late and taking risks. I think we all have a bit of magic in us…like walking on water…but we can’t see that magic if we play it safe.”

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