Track Of The Day – Saint Agnes ‘Welcome To Silvertown’

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January is full of those releases meant to get you excited for an album later in the year, well here is another from Saint Agnes – and ‘Welcome To Silvertown’ does get us very very excited for their album, but we’ll have to wait until May.  For those of you who don’t know Saint Agnes, they are a four-piece garage rock band from London who frankly you should have heard of having toured tirelessly over the last year or so.

‘Welcome To Silvertown’ is a snarling taste of Saint Agnes’ new album, a brooding intro quickly explodes into a feast of aural energy that is as accessible as it is edgy. Kitty Austen’s vocal is the glue atop the riotous instrumentation and comes through with all the charmed aggression that you come to expect from these guys. There are tour dates aplenty so you really have no excuse to miss out.


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