New Music -The Bungalows ‘Clash Of Cultures’

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 21.59.02



There’s an album on its way and it’s coming from Aussie indie rock band The Bungalows and here is a little taster in the form of ‘Clash Of Cultures’, the guys’ latest single. If you want the whole album you’re going to have to wait until February – This shouldn’t be a problem though when you take a listen to this track and have it on repeat for the next three weeks.

It’s surfy, it’s groovy and it’s grungy all in equal measure, giving the track is unique twist and energy. It’s surf-rock guitar lines sit beautifully on top of a viciously pulsing drum beat that comes together to support an aggressive yet charming vocal. ‘Clash Of Cultures’ is a real bop and would be equally suited to dancing around in a dingy club as it would as the soundtrack to a long summer’s night.

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