New Music – Saytr Play ‘Bang Average’

screen shot 2019-01-09 at 21.06.31



This is not bang average, well it is ‘Bang Average’ but it’s not. Anyway, Manchester based indie pop outfit Saytr Play have returned with their energetic new single ‘Bang Average’, (see what we did there?). Following on from the success of their recent release ‘Fragile’, ‘Bang Average’ comes to us produced by Joe Cross of the Courteeners and comes through his ‘Lovers Music’ label.

Another instantly catchy release from the five-piece, ‘Bang Average’ is full of that northern indie charm. Pumped full of pulsating rhythms, intriguing melodies and frank lyricism, Saytr Play have created the kind of anthemic rock track that is synonymous with a summer festival and a warm pint of lager. The song touches on how we begin to question ourselves because of the opinions of another, a song for the the hopeless romantic and the inexperienced youth.


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