Yack! Tracks Of The Year 2018 // #2 Sports Team ‘Kutcher’

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 12.06.36



This was a real beauty from 2018. Following on from their incredible ‘Winter Nets’ EP, Sports Team delivered a peach in their 00s inspired ‘Kutcher’. It’s catchy as anything with its sublime vocal hooks and subtle guitar lines but it’s the lyricism that takes hold with ‘Kutcher’. There are moments of aggressive delivery that are superbly juxtaposed with frontman Alex’s wonderful words of pure kindness – “I’ll take your t-shirt and put it in the wash, then when you go out in public your fabric will be fucking soft”.

The accompanying video underlines the magical aura Sports Team give out, throughly watchable and utterly enjoyable. This kind of alluring presence spreads throughout the band and is a prominent feature of the live set, it’s also evident in the way the six-piece hold themselves on social media. There is just a fun and attractive element about these guys that means we couldn’t over looks them in our end of year lists and we have no doubt that they will be huge in 2019.

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