Yack! Tracks Of The Year 2018 // #4 Pale Waves ‘Eighteen’

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 15.53.01



Here is a track that is much more in the public domain than many of the songs that have featured in this list so far, so naturally we don’t need to describe the ins and outs of its musicianship, however what we will use this space for is to pour our hearts out over Pales Waves. ‘Eighteen’ has been one of the ultimate bops of 2018, it’s catchy, fun and an unabashed indie-pop gem, there is no doubt in our minds that ‘Eighteen’ is the greatest track on the ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ album that the four piece released just a few months back, although others may disagree.

Is there anything this band cannot do to enthral their fans, ‘Eighteen’ is a sing-a-long classic that will surely become a staple of all indie club nights in years to come. Not only has ‘Eighteen’ stood out in 2018 but it has the kind of anthemic beauty that will certainly give it the legs to hang around for years to come. It only appears in at number 4 on our list but Pale Wave’s ‘Eighteen’ has one of the most listened-to tracks on our Spotify this year and probably next year. And the year after.




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