Track Of The Day – Bengal Lancers ‘Big Ideas’




London-based four-piece Bengal Lancers have dropped an indie banger on us. Track Of The Day is their latest single ‘Big Ideas’ – having carved a lane for themselves dealing in infectious indie-pop, the band have already received high praise this year single their most recent single ‘Memory Loss’.

The utterly enticing ‘Big Ideas’ tackles the old demon that we have all faced, alcohol-induced ambition and inspiration. The ideas that we have all had when we’ve been off our face’s finally has an anthem, and it’s a somewhat soothing 3 minutes of crisp guitar work that will surely counter the inevitable realisation the following morning that they probably weren’t your strongest ideas after all. Understated yet irresistible, ‘Big Ideas’ fits in to the Bengal Lancers catalogue with effortlessly, it’s brooding nature offsetting its optimism only slightly as the two facets entwine to create something that feels deceptively simple, quietly optimistic, and utterly Bengal Lancers.

Speaking on the track guitarist Harry Sullivan says “Big Ideas is about those nights when you’ve gotten far too drunk and make some ridiculously over the top suggestions/plans with friends. At the time, you’re so certain this is the best idea you’ve ever had and that it’s going to change the world, but then you wake up the next morning, dying of a hangover and realise that you were genuinely chatting rubbish. It may seem a bit negative but it’s more of a celebration – these are those nights you end up looking back on and laughing at. I think we’re all guilty of it – me especially.”


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